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Anita C Lee Debora McLaughlin    
Tim Law Ajay Matta Donna Price Ellen Violette
Dr. Huesan Tran Norma Hollis J. Varnie Barker Dr. Andy Fuehl
Keith Keller Louise Hicks
Scott Duffy Annemarie Cross
Terri Levine Dr. Steve Taubman Deepika Sheleff Les Schmidt



Join Us Tonight for:

Fred Simkovsky



Pin 657972#

or online:


Building Effective Relationships

Join Les and Doc Fred as they discuss the importance of Building Effective Relationships. During the interview, you will learn:

  • Why is building relationships so important in life and career?
  • What can anyone start doing now to build effective relationships
  • How Doc Fred started coaching people on relationship building

Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky, Director of and host of Visions of Success Talk Radio has over 35 years of business experience in multi-disciplinary consulting for organizations and individuals in 6 countries; USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, and China. Excels at Organizational Development, Talent Development & Management, Coaching at all levels & Learning using the latest techniques that garner speedy but in depth bottom-line results.

My promise: Promising only what I can deliver and Delivering more than I Promised.

My motto: Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

FREE Bonus: A $180 value consisting of:

* 1 hour of personal coaching (value $80) from

* Where are you today, want to be tomorrow, and want to be 6 months to 1 year from now?

* Reviewing your personal mission statement and discuss how to make it work?

*How to create and utilize an effective 30 second elevator speech?

* Your recorded Interview/promo package on Visions of Success Talk Radio (value $100)

* Your 30 minute interview to introduce yourself to over 3.5 million listeners on our network, both national and internationally

* 2- 30 second promo ads highlighting you aired during your interview and again the following week on our show as one of our sponsors

* Your interview put on our website

* You receive a mp3 copy of your interview to use as you wish except selling it

Fred also has an incredible bonus product too!

Your Success Made Easy

Promise to you: You are going to learn-

1. Why you are having challenges making the right things happen for you

2. The simple methods to turn your Life and Career around

3. Those secrets when practiced are so easy you'll say "Why didn't I think of that"!

Is the program for you? It is if

1- Are you unhappy with your situation in your life and/or career?

2- Not sure how to change your direction?

3- Experiencing a lot of stress and sleepless nights?

What you get on the CD:

1. You'll get 17 discussions from my talk show Visions of Success to listen to with all the tricks and tips, and ideas you can ever imagine. (The show is listened to by over 3.5 million nationally & internationally and growing, a 3 of 5 star hit, no one gets 5 stars)
2. Forms to assist you in reaching your success.
3. Our hotline to assist you when you get stuck or need assistance

Your Success made easy will address all these concerns and turn your life and career around almost immediately when you start to practice our guidance, suggestions, tricks and tips. These methods are so easy you'll amaze yourself with your newly found skills. These are no step-by-step instructions but helping you obtain the understanding and knowledge you already have but not using effectively.

Your Host

Les Schmidt


"The Truth - Finding Your Own Truth" e-book. Since published people far and wide have told Les that once they start - they can't stop reading! It's a very compelling read and one that will leave you with a feeling of hope and inspiration. If Les could turn his life around from being in federal prison to successful Body Shop Manager and Coach - the rest of us have no excuses for not having the life we really want. Here's Les with Jack Canfield - author extraordinare!

PLUS! Les' very popular ebook "So, You're in the People Business" A must read for any and all who work with people - and that's all of us!


Les is offering a very special opportunity - for those who have signed up for the teleseminar series.

Get On Track Program - a 1.5 hour strategy session with Les, normally $350 for you - $97.00!!!


Start and end each of your days with this powerful meditation from Debora King (available upon upgrade)

Debora McLaughlin

Your Blueprint to Business Success: 3 Strategies to Ignite Your Profits, Performance and the Spirit of Your Business in 2013

Debora McLaughlin is a professional certified business coach and consultant. Since 2003 she has worked with clients nationwide to accelerate their business results, to stand out from the crowd and to achieve greater business success with less effort. She is author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Renegade Leader - 9 Success Strategies Driven Leaders Use to Ignite People Performance and Profits.

Join us to learn:

  • The steps a business can take to meet all 3 goals
  • The first steps in making the change

For all who join us Debora is providing her special report "64 Ways to Ignite Your Inner Renegade" that puts the spotlight on You, your Career, your Business, your Success!

Dr. Steve Taubman

Procrastination Annihilation


How to Empty Your Inbox and Benefit from a
Clutter-free Life

Video 1

Video 2


Procrastination Annihilation

Procrastination Annihilation is a six-week get-into-action makeover that's guaranteed to clear out all the reasons you're stopping yourself from claiming your prosperity; your perfect life. In it, you'll learn to overcome the eight "flavors" of procrastination, develop an action plan, anticipate and prevent setbacks, and become the unstoppable person you were destined to be.

The program comes with over $1000 in bonuses, including Dr. Steve's #1 bestsseller, UnHypnosis, and his acclaimed mindset-transforming tool, UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs, named one of the Top 25 Must Have Items by Direct Selling Live.

Pricing: $397 or three easy payments of $145.67!

Terri Levine


Marketing in the 21st Century: How to Create Financial Abundance NOW


Your Current Marketing Assets Evaluation

The first thing to do is have us perform a current marketing assets evaluation of your business. This is a no cost, no obligation evaluation that will give you the opportunity to start transforming your business immediately!

Once you complete the Terri Levine’s Business Growth Systems Inventory Questionnaire and submit to us, you can schedule your free, no obligation telephone strategy session here. Everything you send us and say to us is, of course, 100% confidential.

During your telephone strategy session we will be conducting a current marketing assets evaluation, which is a comprehensive marketing audit. We will work together to uncover the hidden marketing assets that you already have hiding in your business and we will create a strategy plan that will get you results – guaranteed!

As business owners, it’s easy to get so involved in the day-to-day operations that you overlook many of the marketing resources that are just sitting there in your business. These hidden marketing assets may take many different forms. When you leverage them and optimize them with our help these assets have brought clients an extra $10,000 to even $1 million in additional revenue and profits and can do the same for your company.

Schedule your marketing evaluation today!


The Business Growth Virtual Mentoring Program

In fact, I've invested more than half my life — not to mention tens of thousands of dollars — to create and perfect business growth strategies that actually work in the real "hard-knocks" world of business.

These strategies will help you get maximum results out of your sales and marketing; your operations and customer service; your management; even your current customer database. Here's the best part: I've finally organized all these business growth secrets and strategies into a private virtual coaching program. And when you unlock the vault and "step" inside, you'll discover:

• How to guarantee you always have customers and clients who are eager to do business with you — no matter what the economy is doing
• Have HOT leads calling you
• Stop selling
• Easy and effortless and no and low cost ways to double or triple your business
• Get a ton of highly-qualified leads from other businesses
• Little leverage points that lead to massive windfall profits
• Creative ways to create rapid growth on a shoestring budget
• How to quickly clear your mind of mental roadblocks that are holding you back
• Proven marketing promotions that will generate instant ROI
• How to trigger a flood of referrals without ever paying a commission
• Strategies you can apply in an instant no matter what type of business you own
• Step by step guidance in implementing every idea - with examples
• Create a powerful core unique positioning statement that does all the work for you
• Convert prospects to paying customers automatically
• Become a referral getting magnet
• Keep customers long term
• Have customers spending more with you because they want to
• How to overcome the fear of failure once and for all!
• And much, much more.

As you can imagine, we'll cover a LOT of ground. In the first 3-6 months alone, you might find that your net profit has grown by 50% or more. Just imagine how much (and how fast) your business will be growing two years down the road. You may never have to worry about getting customers or clients again!

Learn more HERE!

Deepika Sheleff

You are NOT for Sale! 3 Keys to Unshakable Self-Worth


GIFT 1 - The Authentic Value Guided Meditation

Reinforce the experience you had on the teleclass with this simple yet powerful guided meditation. Listen to this 12 minute audio every morning when you wake up, or whenever you need to boost your self esteem.

Listening to this meditation will help you re-discover your own true non-negotiable self-worth. With each time you listen to this little gem, your sense of value will sink deeper into your very being, becoming your natural way of life.

GIFT 2 - The Breathing Cycle of Money - Your FREE audio class
Have you ever noticed that the flow of money moves in and out, just like breath? And how does that apply to your life?!
True Prosperity is about your ability to receive money, to let it in -and to let it out again! If you're 'holding your breath' with money, chances are you're feeling stuck, frustrated, worried or somehow “out of breath”.

Everything in this world moves in a pulsing movement, in cycles, just like breathing. First we expand, take in nourishment from the outside, then we metabolize it and make it our own. Then we breath out and release energy and give it out into the world. After the release there's a gap, a slight pause before we take in again.

This basic pulsing cycle is how our hearts beat, its how our bodies breathe, it’s the cycle of the seasons, the dance of day and night. Fundamentally, without this pulsing movement, there’s no life.

This natural principle also applies to a healthy, natural, and therefore prosperous flow of money! – The breathing cycle of money.
In this audio recording, "The Breathing Cycle of Money", you will:

* Learn about the 4 phases of the money breathing cycle, recognize if and how you are blocking the flow, and how to let go of that block.

* Gain a totally new perspective, through your own BODY of what True Prosperity actually feels like. Once you have this in your body, it’s yours forever!

* Bypass all the theoretical blah-blah, and connect with the deep wisdom and clarity of your own body and your own breathing. This experience is powerful, grounding and eye-opening!

Get your FREE gifts from Deepika here!

To get more cool free stuff, including upcoming free videos and audio classes, sign up here:

J. Varnie Barker

Achieve Financial Security and Stability


Hire J. Varnie Barker, author of "New Rules for Home Ownership in the 21st Century" for a personal consultation. Varnie will assess your personal situation and needs to offer you direction toward your personal freedom.

Your very special rate available ONLY to those on this teleseminar series is only $100 per hour, you won't find this kind of direction at that price anywhere!


Louise Hicks

Aimed 2 Purpose


Louise is offering you a choice one of her incredible DVD's when you join the seminar series! visit and signup now to receive them.


Aimed 2 Purpose DVDs and Book, A Hill to Climb

Louise is providing you with her keys to getting control of your life, help you find your destiny and much more!

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Keith Keller

Twitter for Business



Keith is sharing with you his awesome ebook - Twitter Marketing 4 Creative Souls, click here to get your copy!



Wow - Keith is offering you an opportunity you cannot refuse!

Click HERE to get the details!

Scott Duffy

LAUNCH! A Radically Different Approach to Launching Your Business, Product or Service


Scott has a great video AND will be offering an incredible deal on his new program - email with subject line LES to receive your goodies!

Tim Law

How to Set Up Business Joint Ventures


Your free bonus for simply signing up is a special free consultation with Tim to drill down and determine how to make your particular business more profitable.

Email Tim with subject line Les to schedule your consultation


Dr. Huesan Tran

Transform Chaos Into Order - A Journey from
Self-Discovery to Self-Mastery


Dr. Tran is providing you with an audio on "Financial Enlightenment" You can listen/download here.


Dr. Tran will be announcing her special offer on the call!


Annemarie Cross

How to Boost Your Celebrity, Credibility, Authenticity AND Profitability with Your Own Podcast

Annemarie is providing all who sign up for the teleseminar series a very special bonus. Get More Clients: 7 Steps to Get Noticed, Hired & PAID What You're Worth. This course containing audios, transcripts and workbook are valued at $247 and free to you when you join the teleseminar series!

You can obtain your Bonus here:


Email Annemarie today for a free Biz Breakthrough Strategy Session. Annemarie

Plus - you can join Annemarie's podcast network! visit

Dr. Andy Fuehl

From Unemployed to Millionaire in Under 3 Years!


Dr. Andy is offering the opportunity to get VIP access to recorded teleconferences, training videos, and over $597 in free bonuses! Visit and sign up today.


Save $100 on the cost of Dr. Andy's Earn the Income You Want Doing Work You Love program, just for teleseminar participants!


Dr. Huesan Tran

The Meridian of God™ - Awakening To Your Authentic Self

Dr. Huesan Tran ( an international author/speaker incorporating energy healing philosophy into business, finance, and economics to transform the old paradigm into a New Paradise. Her signature work in energy healing is the discovery and teaching of the Meridian of God™ that unites both spiritual and physical realms as one to solve problems, overcome deadlocks, and transform to a new phase of human evolution.

Her thought leadership on spirituality and wealth topics guides conscious leaders, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to find self-worth, clarity and direction to thrive in the new economy and to create wealth with divine purpose and mission. Dr. Huesan's work is being published alongside world renowned best-selling authors Robert Allen, Deepak Chopra, and other leading experts.

Dr. Tran is a founding premier member of the Woman Speakers Association and speaks to organizations and appears on media globally to bring new awareness and solutions to thrive through the changes in the new economy.

The Meridian Of God™ is the lost ancient secret rediscovered to transcend time and space to unite both spiritual and physical realms as one. It is the key to attain divine union of God-man unity for you to be your authentic self.

In this interview Dr. Huesan Tran will share about:

• Her story of how she discovered The Meridian Of God™.

• What The Meridian Of God™ is.

• How it defines the authentic self of human beings.

• How The Meridian Of God™ affects your success in daily life, career and business.

• What the direction is for new human evolution and how your authentic self plays a part of it.

Just for signing up for this teleseminar, you will receive a Free Audio from Dr. Tran titled "The Meridian Of God™ A New Paradigm For New Human Evolution"

Ajay and April Matta

Spiritually Raw TV

Creative Entrepreneur, Ajay Matta is the CEO of Spiritually Raw Enterprises and host of Spiritually Raw TV. He's an expert in the art of communicating and building successful business relationships.

Ajay was born into Eastern philosophies and raised with western ideologies, he provides the perfect appealing cocktail for blending both worlds. He is an extremely evolved soul, blessed with a witty personality that simply captivates the audience. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth entertainment and enlightenment.

Join our community of spiritually like minded people:

Authors post your book for FREE in our “BOOK CLUB”

BLOG about your topic and create the buzz! Write about your message, background, experiences, training etc.

Check out Spiritually Raw TV it’s highly enlightening & very entertaining! Watch some videos, leave a comment or two and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE…for your favorite RAW FACTOR guest!

Watching the show is as easy, enlightening & very entertaining!

Go to:

Click the episode of your choice.

To VOTE for your favorite RAW FACTOR guest: 

To post or view comments; look for the RED “Post / View” comment tab under the video. 

Donna Price

Launching Your Dream

Launching Your Dream is Donna’s first book that takes her vision and dream and puts it into action.

Do you have a dream that’s been sitting on the shelf? One that you’ve tried to move but it just doesn’t seem to happen? Join Donna for her class “Launching Your Dream” to learn techniques for gaining focus, creating effective plans and staying on course. Donna will move each class through parts of the process. This class is interactive. Come with your questions, frustrations, and ideas. Hear how others are moving their lifelong dreams forward. Become inspired into action yourself. Not sure what your dream or vision is, then be sure to join us on the first class and Donna will help you identify that dream and vision.

Anyone trying to start a new business, develop a new product, bike across the country, buy their dream home, whatever your dream you can benefit from the experience and focus of Launching Your Dream.

Donna will share these key lessons:

  • Clear Vision: in order to live your dream, you need a clear and compelling vision. Realizing a dream is living intentionally. When you live intentionally and working on creating your vision and dream, drugs and alcohol become a distraction and interfere with the success you are working to create.
  • Sharing the Vision: helps you to manifest it. New resources appear that you didn’t know were available, new people appear. And those you tell, start holding you accountable.
  • Service : the value of engaged service in skill building, community building and integrating into groups and community.
  • Staying the course (perseverance): Many of us have ideas, yet we get thrown off course. I will share some keys ways to stay on course.

Donna is a dynamic speaker and presenter, with 20 years’ experience as an educator, facilitator and trainer. Donna has taught on the undergraduate level. She has two masters’ degrees and extensive training as a life and business coach. Donna is a lifelong dreamer, and has been successful in living her dreams instead of just daydreaming. Donna has worked with people over the past 30+ years to achieve their goals and move from daydreams into inspired actions. Donna is the author of a book and multi-media kit that outline her proven process for realizing your dream. She is also the developer of a state of the art business building system: Bizology.Biz. Living your dreams is so much better than just daydreaming!

Donna is providing you a very special bonus!

Launching Your Dreams E-Course – Receive a complimentary
e-course, outlining Donna’s Launching Your Dream process, with new details from her updated book, being released in January.  Launching Your Dream, takes you from idea to action, creating a plan and implementation strategy for living your dreams instead of daydreaming.

Insider Secrets to Creating a Profitable Ebook

#1 Best-Selling and Award-Winning author Ellen Violette will share her strategies for creating profitable ebooks.

During the presentation you will learn:

* The secret to creating a brand with your ebook

* The best ways to find profitable topics

* Why most people fail and how you can succeed

Ellen Violette is an eBook /Business Coach and the only one who combines these. disciplines into a comprehensive and easily attainable business model.

She teaches independent professionals, mompreneurs, coaches, authors, and creative people, a proprietary system for building a 6-or 7- figure business from the ground up, using easy non-technical solutions, so they can build a unique brand and get their message out to the world without stress and overwhelm and do it as quickly as possible.

Ellen believes that ebooks can play a pivotal role in this process that’s why she created the 3 Days to eBook Cash Authoring Program that has turned frustrated writers into successful authors all over the world and consistently receives rave reviews.

Ellen is a #1 Best-selling and award-winning author, including co-writing Sell More eBooks, Low & No-Cost tactics to EXPLODE your ebook sales and downloads with Internet Guru, Jim Edwards. She’s the winner of the eLit Award for her column in Published Magazine. And she’s a Grammy-nominated songwriter-

She knows how to help people tap into their own creativity and reach their full potential so they can work less, make more to have they lifestyle they want for the life they deserve.

Ellen is providing a bonus for all who sign up - her special report "7 Biggest Mistakes People Make Authoring An eBook and How to Avoid Them."

Be sure to tune in to hear her great product special too!


Anita C. Lee

Designing Your Life for Authentic Success

During this session Anita will share:

* What is Authentic Success

* How do we attain Authentic Success

* How do we sustain Authentic Success

Anita C. Lee is an author, speaker, and professional life coach. She is passionate about helping people use their unique gifts to positively impact the world.

Anita knows the importance of understanding ourselves and discovering what we really want in life. She has helped many clients get beyond their self-limiting beliefs to embrace their Authentic Success.

Anita has been interviewed on radio and TV, including NHK-TV in Japan early in her career, and for the "Today Show" while in Lithuania as that country broke away from the Soviet Union.

These experiences and others, such as teaching at a university in China for a year, have greatly influenced how she views success, both professionally and personally.

She holds a master’s degree in education, is a certified life coach, and has done additional studies in personal development. Her book, The Authentic You: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be, is available through and on her website,

Anita is providing a bonus for all who sign up - her
"7 Keys to Authentic Success - The Overview"



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Les with Jack Canfield


Includes all sessions through August, 2013 via downloadable MP3 recordings

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Includes all sessions through August, 2013 via downloadable MP3 recordings AND you will receive CDs each month of the new sessions!

12 months of incredible sessions on CD (60 CDs max) to grab and listen to over and over while you commute, travel or relax!

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